The Couch!!! Season 2 has begun!

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

Ladies and gentlemen! A few months ago, I bumped into an old co-worker of mine as I was leaving Midtown Comics and he asked me “Yo, have you checked out my web series on YouTube?” I remember he had given me a flyer with all the info to the show during NYCC but I lost track of time and had forgotten about it (Sorry guys!). I went home that night and I looked for the flyer because I knew I still had it with a lot of the comic con stuff that I had yet to finish going through. I find it! (YES!!!) I find it online and I start watching from the first episode “Macho Man R.I.P.” Part 1. I was hooked I went on a Couch binge then it was all over. Filled with comic, movie reviews, skits and original content. Made me sad but then they told me Season 2 was coming in May! Well, in case you didn’t know… IT’S MAY and the guys are back with new episodes! Due to technical difficulties the first episode is split into 3 separate parts but its all about THE AVENGERS! Here it is… THE COUCH!

Follow them on Twitter: @Laughing_Hyenas, @THINK_TANQUE@dannymoralTTT, @wilbeatzTTT,  @VickEKnox,  @RonnieChangos

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