Catching Up On… Joker

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)


Written by: Brian Azzarello

Art by: Lee Bermejo

Ink by: Mick Grey

Colors by: Patricia Mulvihill

Letters by: Robert Clark

Publisher: DC Comics

Written by Eisner Award winning author Brian Azzarello and beautifully illustrated by Lee Bermejo, Joker is a noir look into Gotham’s most notorious villains after he is released from Arkham Asylum and is bent on regaining all that was taken from him by his fellow outlaws as told through his loyal henchman Jonny Frost. Through out this vicious narrative, we encounter Gotham’s finest, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Two-Face, Killer Croc, The Riddler and of course you and have Gotham without Batman.

Azzarello did an amazing job with this book! As I was reading Joker, I kept thinking this was a prequel Nolan’s The Dark Knight with a realistic twist. Yes, both Jokers are very similar but have nothing to do with each other. Even though this story is about vengeance, you get to see a side of the Joker that made me love the him even more. And Jonny Frost is so loyal and will do anything for his boss, that you want things to work out for him in the long run. The art work in this book is amazing. Bermejo did a great job showing us his vision of these characters and mixing the traditional comic style with a very realistic painting style, adding to this dramatic tale.

Joker is an amazing read and I recommend it to any Batman fan or anyone who wants to get into a stand alone graphic novel without any superheroes.


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