Something For Your Earholes: The Smashing Pumpkins – Oceania

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

It’s been 5 long years since Billy Corgan and whatever incarnation of The Smashing Pumpkins released a CD (Zeitgeist, excuse me while i throw up a little) and many moons since they put out anything decent (see Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness, Gish, or Siamese Dream). So it comes as a much pleasant surprise to know that Oceania is some of the best music put out by this group in a long, long time. This is the album fans have been waiting for.

Oceania was released as an “album within an album”; referring to it being a part of the bands concept for a 44 song concept album titled “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope” This 13 song collections is the first full album with new band members Jeff Schroeder (guitars), Nicole Florentino (bass and vocals – who is not the girl on the Siamese Dream album – A rumor that was making the rounds on Twitter), and Mike Byrne (drums).

With great drumming, stirring guitar riffs, wonderful melodies, Corgan’s wistful romanticism, and with lyrics like “Take a chance if you should go. Face upon your happy home, the scanners wait. Selfishly they might concede. You were always on your own. You can’t escape” (Taken from “The Celestials”)

Oceania has all the hallmarks of a classic Smashing Pumpkins album! Based only on my love for great music and fulfilled desire to have an awesome new Smashing Pumpkins record.

RATING: 4 / 5 

Since there we weren’t able to find a lead single and video released for Oceania, here is a live video of Smashing Pumpkins performing “Quasar” at The Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.

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