Something For Your Earholes: Tremonti – All I Was

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Guitarist extraordinaire for multi-platinum bands, Creed and AlterBridge, Mark Tremonti steps up to the mic, along with former SubmerseD members, Garrett Whitlock on drums, Eric Friedman on bass and backing vocals in his debut album All I Was.

Finally, we have an artist who can not only shred with the best of them but can be an influential song writer as well. Tremonti bridges the gap between hard rock and heavy metal with style that leaves you wanting more long after the last guitar rift has played. If you want a great album to rock out to, you would not be disappointed by picking this up.

There are too many great tracks on this album that it is hard to choose just one. “Leave It Alone”, “So You’re Afraid”, “Doesn’t Matter”, his lead single “Now Way Out” and  my personal favorite “Decay”… I can continue to name tracks here – NOT A BAD SONG HERE FOLKS!!!

Tremonti ‘s All I Was will be on repeat for a long, long time to come. Do not be surprise if this album isn’t on the top of the charts soon.

Rating: 5/5 


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