Comic Review – X-Treme X-Men #1

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

X-Treme X-Men #1

Written by: Greg Pak & Stephen Segovia

Inks by: Dennis Crisostomo

Colors by: Jessica Kholinne

Letters by: VC’s Joe Sabino

Cover by: Julian Totino Tedesco

Publisher: Marvel Comics

I have always been skeptical about stories that take place in multiverse but you are in good hands when it comes to Greg Pak. He is the man behind a few of my favorite comics, Planet Hulk and Vision Machine. In X-Treme X-Men, a version of Earth is in peril and Captain James Howlett, Emmeline Frost-Summers, a young Kurt Waggoner (Wolverine, Emma Frost and Nightcrawler, in case you didn’t know) have to save the human population before this planet explodes. Kurt using 100s of Prof. X heads is successful but now there is a rip in all the dimensions and its up to the X-Men to make things right.

This is a has a great premise. Using different versions of the X-Men that we are already accustomed to is a great way to catch our attention in this book. Also using Dazzler as a main character is an interesting choice that works. Another reason this book works for me is the art. So much detail and color in each character that you can’t help but take a step back and just admire each panel.

X-Treme X-Men is a fun read and by the end you are ready for more. Sci fi fans like myself would really enjoy this book because it has a bit Sliders (a 90s television series, where the main characters went through parallel universes trying to get home) feel to it. This book has a lot of potential and could be a great series if done right but I’m sure Pak will deliver.

Rating: 4/5


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