Something For Your Earholes – Soapbox Army – Reactor

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

On August 8th, I received a twitter notification that a band called Soapbox Army was following me. Being curious, I did two things. I googled them and struck a small conversation with them. Soapbox Army is a four piece rock band (Dan Tucker – Guitar & Vocals, Pheroze Karai – Lead Guitar, Bill McBreen – Bass & Background Vocals, and Simon Fishburn – Drums/Samples/Triggers) from our hometown of NYC, that originated in 2008  and released their self title debut album in April 2009.

Even more interested I started listening to some of their tunes. I was instantly hooked. I immediately purchased their sophomore release Reactor and gave it a few listens. What I received in turn was what I can only be described as real true American rock reminiscent of an equally great band The Gaslight Anthem (only with more of a punch). The lyrics, melodies, guitar, drum work and vocals all work cohesively throughout the album as there is not one dull track on the entire record. Each track provides that sing along sensation that fans love and would be able to do at any of Soapbox Army’s upcoming shows.

Standout tracks on this Reactor are “100 Times”, “The Underground” (the guitar work is nothing short of amazing here). “Headlight” (my personal favorite), “Mountain”, and “Santa Maria” are other standout tracks on this amazing CD.

I highly recommend picking up this CD via iTunes or the bands website as I can surely see this band hitting the big time. I am just waiting for that moment when I turn on the rock station (thank you for coming back 101.9FM) and having that “wait, that’s my band!” moment as Soapbox Army blares from my speakers.

The only thing left for me to do now, is to download their debut CD as well.

I will happily give Soapbox Army’s Reactor – 5/5

But judge for yourself. Listen to some tracks below!


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