ICG Short #12: Friendly BAN-ter

by: Alex F. (@DiNYed) & Steve (@MisterJackal)

Check out last weeks InnerCityGeeks comic!!!



  1. Like the message and respect your opinions but it’s also a health issue cuz with obesity come so many health related issues as well buddieeeeeeeeeeees

    1. True but why force it? If they want to be that way then let them. Its like bring up the cigarettes issue. They didn’t ban cigarettes, which are way more dangerous than soda or any sweetened drink. They just bumped up the price to like $13.

      1. Is not forcing, it’s like now they’re encouraging kids to play outside we all use to do it but now they don’t, I’m the first one the supports individuality but this is more like Health related issue same thing with smoking or excessive drinking lol

      2. Yes it is a health related issue and I agree some drinks are excessive. But people need to have some type of restraints too. You can’t just tell vendors that you can’t sell something because its bad for them. Its like telling McDonald’s they can’t sell burgers because its too fattening.

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