Something For Your Earholes: Green Day – UNO!

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Green Day is back with their ninth studio album (and I am not counting their release as the Foxboro Hot Tubs) UNO!. The first of a trilogy of album UNO!, DOS!, and TRE! (releasing from September 2012 to January 2013).

Green Day refuses to change styles and stays to what is true, Power Punk/Pop music. The album starts off with “Nuclear Family” and doesn’t let up at all. “Let Yourself Go” (my favorite track) shows the no nonsense attitude that punk provides with lyrics such as “Shut your mouth, ‘cause you’re talking too much, and I don’t give a damn anyway. You always seem to be stepping in shit, and all you really do is complain.” How many times have we wanted to say that to certain people in our lives? For all you techno, dance aficionados all you have to do is listen to “Kill The DJ” to realize that this album is not for you.

Throughout the album you can hear Green Day being influence from such bands as Cheap Trick, The Kinks and The Clash. This can be heard on the guitar rift on “Angel Blue”. Lead single “Oh Love” is another strong track and is the perfect ending for the first part of this trilogy.

With Billie Joe Amstrong on vocals, Mike Dirnt on bass, and Tre Cool on drums, the overall sense of punk and garage rock anthems and the fact that there’s not a single bad track on this CD makes it easy for me to give this album 5/5!

Do yourselves a favor and watch the video for “Oh Love” below.

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