Something For Your Earholes: Three Days Grace – Transit Of Venus

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Canadian rock band Three Days Grace is back with their fourth offering Transit of Venus. This multiplatinum band has reached high levels of success with past efforts and gave us all great hard rock anthems, such as “I Hate Everything About You”, “Just Like You”, “Riot”, “Animal I Have Become” (my personal favorite), and “Break” to name a few. So it was with great anticipation that fans would see how they would follow up with this album.I am happy to say that Transit of Venus brings back a heavier and stronger Three Days Grace.

Lead single “Chalk Outline” shows a much grittier, dirty sounding “screw the world” vibe we know and love from this band. Adam Grontier attacks the song with much angst as we have come to expect. “Operate” brings us a head banging anthem of love gone wrong. “Anonymous” is the best track on this album, and it brings out the raw, pure, unadulterated vocals we have come to know from Grontier. Other stand out tracks on this album are “Expectations” and “Time That Remains”.

There was one surprise on this album, a cover song, not just any cover song, a Michael Jackson cover of “Give In To Me” (off MJ’s Dangerous). This happens to be my favorite Michael Jackson song! I was admittedly a little iffy about how Grontier’s vocals would translate and how the band could make this song their own. Let me tell you, IT WORKS!!! I was blown away by the guitar rifts, drums, and the vocal work. It must go down as one of the best MJ’s cover right behind Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal”. It’s a cover that if you didn’t know any better, you could swear it was an original Three Days Grace song.

Three Days Grace have remained true to the spirit of rock and for that I will gladly give this album 4/5!

Check out the video for “Chalk Outline” below.

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