Something For Your Earholes: The Script- #3

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

The third album from Irish rock band The Script dropped today. The aptly named #3 hoped to follow up in the success of the bands first two releases, The Script and Science and Faith. While this album has two or three good songs it fails to live up to the hype fans have hoped for. The album itself has some good beats and lead singer Danny O’Donoghue does more rap than sing on the bulk of the 10 tracks on this album.

Highlights on this CD are “Six Degrees Of Separation”, which deals about a bad breakup between lead singer O’Donoghue and his one-time love, and “If You Could See Me Now” which is about losing a parent or loved one. It hit with me specifically for those same reasons. According to an interview, Danny O’Donoghue can’t even perform the song live, and other members of the band have to leave the room when the song is played over loud speakers. Just goes to show you how powerful the song is.

Lead single “Hall Of Fame” features, is an average song at best. In fact, it’s a bit repetitive of other hit songs the band has had at the past. It’s meant to be a motivational song a la “The Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes, but it just falls short. The lack of being inventive and trying something new hurts the band here.

I sadly expected more out of this album, and sadly can only give it 2/5.

Below is the aforementioned lead single “Hall of Fame”.


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