Something For Your Earholes: Green Day – DOS!

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

DosGreen Day’s tenth studio album and second of the trilogy of albums coming out this year coincidently titled DOS! was released this week, with much anticipation.

The album starts off with a slow introduction in “See You Tonight”. Second track “Fuck Time” sounds like it comes of the Foxboro Hot Tubs album and that’s not a bad thing. Lead single “Stray Heart” stays true to the garage rock feel that Green Day has been trying to perfect in their last few albums. While this album has a mixed of soft and upbeat songs it’s a strong showing by a band who refuses to change their style.

“Lazy Bones” is by far my favorite song on the album as Armstrong sings with such conviction and passion in lyrics such as “I’m too tired to be bored, I’m too bored to be tired, and the silence is so deafening it’s like picking at a sore. I’m too mental to go crazy, I’m too drunk to be pure”. Other stand out tracks include “Wild One” (which sounds like a ballad if there ever was one in the punk rock/garage rock genre), “Stray Heart”, “Amy” and “Lady Cobra”. “Nightlife” actually has a hip-hop/rap feel as guest vocalist Lady Cobra raps on the track. Not really feeling the track at all. I actually had to skip it while listening to it.

In yet another solid showing by the boys of Green Day, Dos! will hold us over for another month as we await the release of the next Green day album Tre!.

Green Day’s Dos! gets 3.5/5 from me.

Watch the video for “Stray Heart” below:


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