Catching Up On… Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe TB

Written by: Cullen Bunn

Art by: Dalibor Talajic

Colors by: Lee Loughridge

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The title says it all… The Merc with the Mouth snaps and takes out the entire Marvel Universe. You might say “Oh, this has been done before”. Okay, fine, it has but this story is actually really fun. Page by page as you read you are wondering who is going to be next and in what creative way is he going to take care of them. And just when you think they have him cornered and its over, it isn’t.

Bunn did an awesome job with this story, not only by showing how psychotic Deadpool can really be  but also shows how smart he is. Some of the things that he does to these heroes are absolutely insane! In some instances it feels like you are reading a Joker book because it gets dark and murderous.

There is a reason why this book has a big parental advisory warning on the cover. Talajic and Loughridge bring the brutality to life in this book. They did an amazing job showing all the blood, guts and torture Deadpool puts the Universe through.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe is probably one of my favorite reads of this year! This trade is extremely brutal and I absolutely love it. The only thing I don’t like about this book is the length. Regardless, do the right thing and pick it up!

Rating: 4.5/5

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