Review: Star Wars #1

by: Steve (@MisterJackal

Star Wars #1Star Wars #1

Written by: Brian Wood

Art by: Carlos D’Anda

Color by: Gabe Eltaeb

Cover by: Alex Ross

Published by: Dark Horse Comics

I have been a huge Star Wars fan since my youth and when I heard that Brian Wood (Conan The Barbarian, X-Men, DMZ and The Massive) was writing a new comic following the characters from the original films, I was really excited to see what he had planned for the expanded universe.

You are probably wondering where this story fits into the original trilogy. It takes place shortly after the destruction of the Death Star (Episode IV – A New Hope) as the Rebel Forces voyage to the Outer Rim in search for a new home.

What’s cool about this series, so far, is that it focuses on the characters that we already know. We see Luke and Leia conflicted from their losses, Vader getting reamed by the Emperor, C-3P0 being C-3P0 and we also see the start of an interesting new adventure.

Along with an interesting story, it is backed by the art of Carlos d’Anda (Justice League, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Teen Titans) which compliments the story nicely by sticking to the look and similar feel of the source material. Oh and lets not forget about the awesome cover art by Alex Ross! PRIIIIIITTY… 

Overall, I am really excited to see where Brian Wood takes us and how he will tie in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back or if he even will. It is definitely worth the read, especially for any Star Wars fan that haven’t ventured into the Star Wars extended universe.

Rating: 4/5



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