Something For Your Earholes – Hatebreed – The Divinity Of Purpose

by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

20130129-152309.jpgIt’s the end of January and there hasn’t been much worth checking out until now. This week, one of my absolute favorite bands, Hatebreed released their 7th album titled The Divinity Of Purpose. Hatebreed is a metalcore band from Bridgeport, Connecticut that brings elements of metal, punk, and thrash along with powerful lyrics that make you want to move whether you are listening at home or with hundreds of fans in the pit at a live show.

I’ve been anticipating this album since they released their first single “Put It To The Torch” a couple months ago. Their last album, Hatebreed, was released back in 2009 was one of my favorite albums of that year and I currently listen to it at least once a week. It was then followed by lead singer Jamey Jasta’s solo project, Jasta, in 2011 which was another testament to Jasta’s love for what he does and even though it was a metal album, it featured different artist and had a slightly different feel to what we had already known but still awesome. On top of it all, Hatebreed is one of those bands that are constantly touring and showing love to their fans all over the world.

Ok enough of my love letter to Hatebreed lets get into The Divinity Of Purpose. Hatebreed is one of those bands that have a signature sound that all fans love and can’t get enough of and this album is just that! They start of with “Put It To Torch”, an anthem about being yourself and not caring about what people say.

Am I supposed to be sorry, my words struck a nerve
Am I supposed to be sorry that I lift dust where my footsteps once were
Maybe I’m supposed to care for grand ideas never expressed
It took no heart, pierced through so clear
More verbal piss in the well of your fear
Here’s your apology, here’s to burning out
And here’s to fading away
F*ck you both, I just put it to the torch

Followed by “Honor Never Dies”, a blistering track about standing for what you believe even if you are the odd man out. A few of my favorite tracks also include “Before The Fight Ends You”, “Dead Men Breathing”, the title track “The Divinity Of Purpose”, “Bitter Truth” and “Idolized and Vilified”.

This album is full of powerful riffs, great rhythm, great solos and amazing drum work. This album is great and definitely met all of my expectations! I hope they come to NYC again this year, this time I’ll be prepared and won’t get kicked in the face.

Rating: 5/5

Check out the video for “Put It To The Torch” and the lyric video for “Honor Never Dies”!

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