Something For Your Earholes – Device

by: Charley (@ruperto2196)

20130411-131600.jpgEvery so often we have a band we love. One day that band gets tired of each other and wants to explore other outlets of creativity. They announce they are going on a “hiatus”. Which basically tells us not to expect a damn thing from them for a while. Lead singer then starts a new band and a new musical style. So he says anyway.

So is the story of David Draiman of Disturbed. His new side project called Device dropped their debut CD on April 9th. Described as a metal with and electronica or “industrial rock” sound, one must ask does this CD truly offer something new or is this just another “Disturbed-esq” CD.

Honestly upon listening to this, if you told me this was, in fact the new Disturbed album, I would believe you. Although it would have been a really bad Disturbed CD. If you told me this was a new band, again I would believe you as the album is more mediocre at best.

Yes this is a new sound and new direction for Draiman, but it’s not always a good one. Along with band members Will Hunt (Evanescence), Geno Lenardo (Filter) and some dude named Virus, the new sound and direction works well with tracks “You Think You Know”, “Penance” and lead single “Vilify”, yet is completely overdone, over and misused on tracks “Hunted”, “Out of Line” (which features the lead singer if one if the worst bands in history, Serj Tankian), “Haunted” an pretty much the rest of the album I can do without.

I will give a pass to the “Close My Eyes” cover with Lizzy Hale.

There just aren’t too many redeeming qualities to this album for me. I really wanted to like it, but after multiple listens I can only give this album a 3/5.

Check out the video for “Vilify” here.

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