Something For Your Earholes – Volbeat – Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Outlaw Gentleman and Shady Ladies is the fifth an newest release from Danish metal band Volbeat. Although the album is slower than what we’re used to this album is a must have.

Right off the bat we get a western-guitar driven intro “Lets Shake Some Dust” that sets us up for what’s to come. “Pearl Hart” reintroduced us to Michael Poulsen’s vocals which reminded me why I enjoyed this band so much once they were introduced to me by fellow InnerCityGeek, Steve (@MisterJackal).

The addition of new lead guitarist Rob Caggiano makes this a strong more cohesive band. Lead single “Cape Of Our Hero” is a strong track with an awesome rift and drumming. I would write a list of standout tracks here, but then I would just be writing the entire track list.  Honestly, my favorite track is “The Nameless One” but again, every song is great.  “Dead But Rising” gives us more of a metal/hard rock feel.  Even there cover of Young The Giant’s “Your Body” kicks ass!

There is just something about how strong Poulsen’s vocals are on this album that now puts him on my top 10 vocalist list.  The drumming, bass and guitars are all on point.

Screw it, my words don’t do this 5 star album justice.

Check out the video and see for yourself!!!

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