Review – The Walking Dead Game: 400 Days

by: Steve (MisterJackal)

the-walking-dead-400-daysI am a HUGE fan of Telltale Games, The Walking Dead but I was skeptical to see how the game would continue after the events of the first season. Which brings us to 400 Days. This DLC is a bridge between Season One and Season Two of the game, in which you follow 5 different story-lines that all somehow interconnect and lead to Season Two.

I was so invested in the story between Lee and Clementine that I was not sure how Telltale would keep me interested in the video game franchise. Guess what…THEY DID! This DLC is great! It brings all of the elements that I loved in the first one and spreads it evenly all 5 segments of this game.  Of course, much like the first season, there are moments that you have to make certain decisions that effect your gaming experience. Even though you aren’t with these characters for as much time spent in Season One, you do begin to feel for them and you want them to make it through unscathed.  OH! Almost forgot to mention, it has a darker tone than the first 5 episodes.

One of the highlights for me, which some people would find completely eerie and straight messed up is when you meet one character in particular. He is a complete douche bag and I couldn’t wait for something bad to happen to him or if I could find a way out of the situation. Yeah, it may seem like I’m the douche, wanting something bad to someone but this character deserves to be eaten by 8 walkers to the point where all that is left of him is just a head. Um…yeah…I didn’t like the dude!

If you haven’t played the game…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Buy The Walking Dead game and them do yourself a favor and get 400 Days. It’s $5 well spent! I was thoroughly entertained and now, much like when I had purchased the original and had to wait for another episode to be released, I cannot wait for Season Two!

Rating: 5/5


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