Something For Your Earholes – Sick Puppies – Connect

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Australian rock trio Sick Puppies are back with their fourth studio album, Connect. The alternative metal band continues the angst ridden melodies on this album.

Opening track “Die To Save You” reminds fans of how hard and fast the band can play. How great Emma Anzai bass and vocals are. Her vocals actually are remarkably similar to that of Christina Scabbia’s (Lacuna Coil). The song also reminds us how passionately lead singer Shimon Moore can sing.

The second track and lead single “There’s No Going Back” is another uplifting, motivating anthem. With the lyric “The past is in the past, thank God it doesn’t last” reminds us to keep moving forward and let go of what’s been done. Drummer Mark Goodwin does exceptional work on this track.

Third track “Walking Away” is a bit unorganized and sloppy. Not sure what the band was trying to accomplish on here. Heavy guitar riffs that fall right into a slow piano but it doesn’t work. Give credit for trying, however it’s most certainly not my favorite track on the album.

Second single, “Connect”, is another stand out track. It slows things down a bit on the album. It plays out as a stripped down love song. It’s pulled off brilliantly by Moore’s strong vocals. “Healing Now”, the rumored 3rd single, is another radio friendly track. This just means that it’s another stripped down slower track. Again, not a negative, just repetitive on this album.

“Gunfight” has to be one of the, if not worse tracks on this album. The chorus ruins what could have been a really good rhythmic song. The only saving grace on this track is the guitar rift towards the end of the song.

The album does it’s best to balance itself between harder rock rifts and slower motivational anthems. Luckily Sick Puppies do both well enough to merit this album getting a 3.5/5.

Check out the video for “There’s No Going Back” below.


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