Something For Your Earholes – John Mayer – Paradise Valley

Paradise Valleyby: Charley (@ruperto2106)

Paradise Valley is the sixth studio album from eight time Grammy Award winning artist John Mayer was released this week and it brings 11 new tunes that venture into Rock, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Folk and even a taste of Country. The question is does this follow-up to the majorly Folk/Country heavy Born and Raised bring back the John Mayer most fans came to know and loved?

The album embarks on what is now a continuous biographical look into Mayer’s life. Lead single “Paper Doll” is a rebuttal to Taylor Swift’s “Dear John”. One of the highlights to the song is Mayer’s take on the old lullaby “Mockingbird” towards the end. It’s a beautiful and unique song and truly my favorite on the album.

Another favorite track is “Call Me the Breeze”. This is an upbeat blues song done perfectly. The electric guitar shines. This song will certainly get you moving.

The second single and lead track “Wildfire” is a good start to the album as the melody starts slow and ends to more of a rock feel. There’s actually a second track called “Wildfire” that features vocals by Frank Ocean. It’s a great track as well, but it’s sadly about 2-3 minutes too short.

“Who You Love” is a slow pop track featuring a surprising duet with Katy Perry. I say surprising because she actually sings on this track and doesn’t sound like she’s been auto-tuned to death. If she were to make more music like this, I can totally be a fan. Actually, if you told me this was someone else besides Perry, I would believe you as well. The beauty of this song is in it’s simplicity.

All in all Paradise Valley is a must have for true fans of John Mayer as it’s perfect listening for a rainy afternoon of relaxation. I give this album a 4 out of 5 stars.

Check out the lyric video for the second single “Wildfire”


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