InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 45 – Mutually Desired Activities

This week is our one year anniversary! Yay! The guys chat up about Hiroshi Yamauchi, GTA V, and iOS 7. As well as, an 8 year old’s letter to Santa, Yale’s guide to sex, headless discoveries on the subway and much much more!!!

Listen to the episode here
 and click the links below to follow along with us!

Read more about De Quervain Syndrome (Gamer’s Thumb)

Geek Shit


You Can’t Fix Stupid

Hot Chick of the Week
This weeks hot chick is Playboy’s 2011 Playmate of the Year and Pin-up Girl turned comic book writer, Claire Sinclair. Here’s a little fun time gallery for those that aren’t aware of the lovely Ms. Sinclair.
Spider-Man grew up at 20 Ingram Street in Queens. This address is real and the family that lives there are the Parkers. 

Before he rapped, Ice Cube studied Architecture and Drafting, and he maintains a love for it to this day. 

Your nose is connected to your memory center, that’s why smells trigger very powerful memories. 

When Mr. T was serving in the Army…….

Listening to loud music interferes with your vision. This is why we usually lower the volume when you trying to find something.

Funny Tweets

Boy, pet stores don’t like it when you ask, “What is the most delicious animal you sell here?”

How come its ok to talk to a stranger’s dog on the street but when I ask for the dogs email I’m suddenly a weirdo?

What do you do if you’re too depressed to call the depression hotline?


My girl caught me blowing my dick with the air dryer, and asked what I was doing? Apparently “heating your dinner” wasn’t a good answer

PBR is not a cool beer, it is the reason every woman in Williamsburg has a yeast infection

This weeks episode features music from: 

Ice Cube – “It Was A Good Day” DOWNLOAD HERE


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