Exclusive Toys Coming To NYCC!


by: Steve (@MisterJackal)

We are a few days away from New York Comic Con and I cannot wait! Tons of different panels. Exclusive looks into comics, television and movies. Cosplayers galore! Celebrity sightings! Meeting your favorite artist and writers! But most importantly… TOYS! The past couple years during NYCC, I am really excited to see the limited exclusives that are being offered by all the different geeky vendors. So, I figured I would make a list of my most anticipated toys coming to NYCC 2013.

Funko POP Stan Lee Vinyl Figure


Funko POP has been releasing tons of these vinyl figures from some of our favorite shows like The Walking Dead to Game Of Thrones and characters like Batman and the Justice League. But how often do you have a chance to get a figure based on one of the biggest names in comic books and geek culture in general. You’re probably wondering what do this has to do with NYCC, well there are only 1000 of this being made! As you see its a pretty cool figure. It has Stan Lee pulling open his shirt revealing the NYCC 2013 logo. This will be sold at the ConventionsExclusive.com (Booth 1274) and the Crazy Cats Collectibles (Booth 1555).

Mezco Deluxe Breaking Bad Walter White In Green Hazmat Suit

Breaking Bad nycc 2013

I am a huge fan of Breaking Bad and am super sad that the show is coming to an end, so seeing that Mezco is bring Walter White in the green Hazmat suite from “A No Rough Stuff Type Deal” episode makes me really happy. This will be a 6 inch figure that comes along with a fifty-five gallon chemical drum and three lab bottles. There are only 500 Walter White’s made, so I may be on-line for this one. You can find this one at Mezco Toyz (Booth 1855).

MPH Akashi 5YL Mono by Dave Bondi


I am always down to see a cool mash-up and  myplasticheart is putting out this cool Mickey/Mario created by Dave Bondi. Yeah, some people may say it looks creepy but I think its cool looking. I have been a big fan of Mario for years and to see him mixed with someone as beloved as Mickey Mouse brings a bit of joy to me. It will be available at myplasticheart (Booth 113) for $65 and there are only 50 of them!



I wasn’t a big fan of Man Of Steel nor am I a huge Superman fan, but this figure is pretty damn amazing. So much detail and so much work that was put into it. This is probably going to be the best pieces to be featured at NYCC. It’s about 9.5 inches and will be sold for $79.99 at Square Enix (Booth 1704).

Agent Coulson S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge and ID Card And Personalized ID Card

coulson badge

This one is super cool! Agent Coulson is one of the most beloved characters that has come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (other than probably Loki). And the fact that you can get your own person S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Card as well as a Badge making you a part of the most awesomest secret organization in the world, why would you not want one of these! It will be available at EFX Collectibles & UD Replicas (Booth 1869).

Funko POP White and Black Deadpool Bobble-Head

deadpool exclusive pic GLOW

The Merc with the Mouth has his own limited edition vinyl bobble-head…NEED I SAY MORE! This figure is going to be exclusively at Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics Cards & Collectibles (Booth 3027).

8″ DOCTOR WHO TITAN – Statue of Liberty Weeping Angel GLOW-IN-THE-DARK VARIANT


As a New Yorker and a Whovian, I can’t see a better way to combine both my loves! You might remember this bad boy from “The Angels Take Manhattan” (the episode where SPOILERS and SPOILERS happened). This one is extremely limited with a whopping 700 pieces running for $30…WHAT! I NEED THAT! You can pick it up at Titan Entertainment (Booth 2142). Save me one if you can lol



Super Best Friends Forever has been one of the coolest DC Animated Shorts to air on Cartoon Network. We are used to seeing the heroes like Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Supergirl but now we get a really cool look at one of the Gotham City Sirens, Poison Ivy. This figure is about 6.5 inches and would be a great addition to any Bat-fans shelf of toys! There are only 2500 of these made and will be available at the Graphitti Design/DC Boutique (Booth 755) for $24.95.

There are tons of other exclusives coming to NYCC but these are the ones that I am really looking forward too. Crossing my fingers and hoping to get my paws on some if not most of these. What are some of the exclusives you are looking forward to seeing, let me know in the comments below.


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