Something For Your Earholes – Five Finger Death Punch – The Wrong Side of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell – Vol 2

by: Charley (@ruperto2106)

ffdpv2If an artist or band decides to come out with two albums in a year, both albums better be damn good. I’m looking at you Justin fucking Timberlake. Don’t give us one album of awesome tracks then take a huge dump on the second. Thankfully for us we have a band that is apparently more passionate about their craft. That band is FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!!! The hard rock/heavy metal band is back with Volume 2 of The Wrong Side Of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell. If you enjoyed volume 1 and thought it was a kick ass album, well I’ll be the first one to tell you that volume 2 is that much better.

The second you hit play you are greeted with a head banging, mind melding drumming and a heavy guitar riff. “This wasn’t meant to be a love song. Matter of fact this ones about hate”. Such a powerful opening line by Ivan Moody greets your ears and so starts your journey into “Here to Die”.

You want an inspirational song? A song to pump yourself up to? Well fuck Miley Cyrus and her dry humping, tongue wagging, twerking without an ass, looking like a stroke victim on turrets and listen to FFDP’S “Wrecking Ball”. This is the song radio stations should be playing 100x a day.

My personal favorite track on this album is “Cradle To The Grave”. You know how it is when you find that one song that speaks to you. That is able to express some feelings you have better than you could. I’m already listening to this song on repeat. The way the song builds at the intro, the lyrics (“the blood that runs within my veins keeps me from ever ending up the same. The fire that’s pushing me on and on and on, to me it’s everything and it makes me fucking strong!”) mixed in with the guitars and drums… I can easily seeing this as being a second or third single on this album.

“Cold” is a very melodic slower track than what we are used to from Five Finger Death Punch. The piano brings a beautiful simplicity that brings out the best in Moody’s vocals. The song does pick up the pace a bit. It’s a nice touch, but I would have liked it all the same if it remained a ballad of sorts.

If you weren’t sure about how talented this band is, especially after making a kick ass cover of “Momma Said Knock You Out” they come out with a second cover in as many albums with a cover of The Animals classic “House of the Rising Sun”. This once folk song seen covered by iconic bands like The Doors and mister Bob Dylan himself but FFDP brings their own flare to this track that makes it one of the best covers done in quite some time.

Every track on this album is a hit. With the season of thanks almost upon us, we should be thankful that we still have bands/artists such as Five Finger Death Punch around making quality music that we can listen to and enjoy. If you’re still reading my review of this 5 star album, stop now and pick up this must have album!

Here’s the video for “Battle Born” check it out and play it loud!!!

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