InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 55 – Flicking The Ballzheimers

This week, our geeks go crazy over the idea of Jason Momoa possibly being in Batman/Superman, Bryan Singer directing “X-Men: Apocalypse”, the new trailer for Godzilla and the VGX Awards (wait, what?). They also touch on holiday shopping suicide, a real life BioDome in Seattle, and so much more.

Listen to the episode here and read more below

Geek Shit

Jason Momoa in Talks to Join Superman Movie (Exclusive)

Yes, Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men Apocalypse

Check out the trailer for GODZILLA!!!

Gamers Care More About the VGX Than the Show Did. That’s the Problem.


Man Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Insist on Buying More Shoes

Bezos, We Have Biodomes: City Approves Amazon Sphere Design

It Takes A McDonald’s Worker 4 Months To Earn What The CEO Gets In An Hour

Hot Chick Of The Year Nominees


The cast of Friends earned at least $88,460,00 over 10 seasons. EACH.

The United States has spent over $990 Billion Dollars on the “war” with Iraq. This is enough to wipe out world poverty for 10 years

 OJ Simpson was going to be cast as The Terminator but was cut because the director couldn’t imagine him as a ruthless killer

 In 2011, a 75 year old woman accidentally cut the fiber optic cable that provided internet to 90% of Armenia

The reason honey is so easy to digest is that its already been digested by a bee

Funny Tweets


I hit a deer last night. It died instantly. I feel awful, but when I’m jogging I’m in my own world.


I wake up with a good attitude everyday. …then idiots happen


What idiot named it erectile dysfunction instead ballzheimer’s


Why do you pay $80 for a bra at Victoria Secret when i can hold your boobs up all day for free


So a chick flick isnt a term for a girl flicking her bean while watching a porno?

This episode also features music from:

Trivium – “Villainy Thrives” Download it here!

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