InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 56 – Eat A Big One

This week our geeks have a bunch of issues with Skype but make it work! They talk about Expendables 3, Paul Rudd being cast as Ant-Man, the Venom and the Sinister Six announcements from Sony, Warren Ellis’ Moon Knight, JGL being attached to Gaiman’s The Sandman project, and the latest Nintendo Direct. They also touch on how horrible Santa Con is now and much more!

Listen to the episode here and follow allow with us below!

Geek Shit

Check out the teaser for Expendables 3!!!

Paul Rudd Set to Star in Marvel’s Ant-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Spinoffs Venom and The Sinister Six Announced by Sony

The Dark Side Of The New MOON KNIGHT

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working with Neil Gaiman on “The Sandman” movie

Check out what Nintendo has in store for 2014!


SantaCon Santa Gets Public Handjob from Naughty Mrs. Claus

Lawyer for Santa Accused of Public Handjob Demands Article Be Yanked

Surveillance Video Shows Armed Robber Tackled By Passangers Aboard Seattle Bus


There are then human body parts that are only three letters long: Eye, Ears, Legs Arm, Jaw, Gum, Toe, Lip, Hip, and Rib.

The all time biggest winner in the history of Jeopardy is a college drop-out.

In 2007, a Dutch man walked free in a bestiality case because the sheep didn’t testify in court.

A 10 year old boy in England had to undergo emergency surgery to reattach his testicle after a wedgie.

Funny Tweets


Social networking has made it so that no one needs to be alone… except for people who do a lot of social networking.


Kanye West says he’s gonna be the next Nelson Mandela. Your wife is a porn star and your daughter is a compass. Take a seat, son. Merica.


Saying “Only in New York” is just a way for you to cope with watching a bum pee on another bum that is shitting in the subway.


There are NO circumstances to ever use the word “adorbs” whether you are talking about babies, puppies, giraffes or my cock. STOP NOW!!!

This episode also features music from:

King Diamond – “No Presents For Christmas”


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