Lone Survivor: The True Story of a Tragic Mission

A Tribute to courage, honor and patriotism

(not just another Wahlberg movie)

For those who are not aware, this movie is not just some Hollywood war story. This is the real account of what happened to the men of Operation Red Wing in 2005. This story was told by Marcus Lutrell, the actual ‘Lone Survivor’. His story has been told many times, and then Hollywood picked it up to get his story out. This is his way of really paying tribute to his fallen brothers.

The film stars Ben Foster and Taylor Kitsch, who play Angel and Gambit (respectively) in X-Men, Emile Hirsch, who most will know from Speed Racer and The Girl Next Door, and of course Wahlberg, who, if you haven’t seen a movie with him in it by now, go away.

I know what you’re thinking, “based on a true story always means that it’s not the full story”. Not this time. While some Hollywood drama is added, Lone Survivor closely mirrors the actual events that took place that tragic day in Afghanistan.

This is the story of the four Navy Seals out on a covert mission that went horribly and tragically wrong.

Operation Red Wing, was not just “any other mission” like the movie tells you. This mission almost didn’t happen because the terrain was treacherous. The men were apprehensive.

When the story picks up and the mission begins, we see ourselves on a mountain with these 4 men. The details of the fight were taken straight from Marcus Luttrell. They were pushed back, forced to jump down cliffs, and were shot numerous times and severely injured in the process. Every gunshot, every fall, every injury these men suffered, you feel it with them. My hand covered my mouth throughout the movie. Whispers of “holy shit”, “oh my god” , and “oh no” could be heard by people around me.

This was not easy to watch knowing that what we were seeing, was what really happened to these men.

So much happens to these men and the men of the Army Night Stalkers. It was unbelievable that even one man made it out. I cried so many times during this movie.

This really grabs you by the feels and takes you on a crazy ride. What really hurt the most was the ending. Video clips and photographs of the men of Operation Red Wing. They left behind wives, and children. such courageous young men, who fought bravely. This movie does not hold back in the feel department as they painfully remind you that these were real people. This really happened. These men really died. I’ve seen many movies like this, including a documentary called Restrepo (2010) which documents a year with “the one platoon in the deadliest valley in Afghanistan”. That was incredibly hard to watch because it’s compiled of actual footage. Death had never been so hard to see on a television screen. I will never be able to watch that movie again.

Lone Survivor is also on that list. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is absolutely amazing. but its difficult to watch. There were tears being shed by many in the audience, myself and my friend included. Personally, I have trouble with movies like this nowadays. not too long ago I was dating a man in the army when I lived in North Carolina. He was deployed 4 months into our relationship. Granted, I wasn’t a wife, or an expectant mother like most of the other women I knew at that time, but that gut wrenching feeling and that terror that keeps you up at night wondering about the safety of someone you love, is universal. Waking up each day not knowing what may have happened overnight. Knowing that any day you could receive the worst possible news. I was an army girlfriend. I dealt with what came with having role. This took me on an incredibly emotional ride, as it did for many others. It hit home for me. that relationship didn’t work out, but I’ll never forget what it felt like to be that scared, to worry so much and to not sleep because of the horrible dreams I was plagued with.

What these men did, for each other, for their families, and for all of us, is something I cannot forget. I am eternally grateful that Marcus Luttrell made it out alive, and made it home to tell his story, and the story of his brothers. I hope that the world realizes what really goes on out there now. We are safe because of men like this.

We are free because of them.

To The Brave Men of Operation Red Wing,
Seal Team 10,
SDV Team 1,
and Spartan 01


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