The Curiosity Zone: Episode 27 – The Return

This week, Ditz and Steve talk about cops getting caught doing the dirty, vibrating underwear, decapitated dildos, and much much more!!!

Listen to the episode here and read along with us below!

Sexy News

East Hampton Cops Having Sex In Swank East Hampton Home

How High-Tech Underwear Could One Piece of Technology That Brings Couples Together

Bonus – Check out the Vibease

Lakenya Bristol Accuses Ex-Girlfriend Regina Watts Of Decapitating Sexy Toys

First Sex Doll Launched Into Space And Floats Until She Blows Up


The sex is lukewarm. Are we destined to have a horrible sex life?

How do I lure my shy husband into something a little more wild?

I’m not very comfortable performing oral sex. Any advice?

I can’t climax during penetration. It is physical or mental?

Sexy Storytime

Night Nurse

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