InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 63 – I Don’t Think That’s Milk

This week our geeks talk about their favorite Super Bowl commercials, Warner Bros. choice for Lex Luthor in MoS 2, the next DC Animated feature “Son Of Batman”, the latest news from Metal Gear Solid, Evangeline Lily join the Marvel Universe and so much more!!!

Listen to the episode here and follow along with us below!

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

Geek Shit

Why Warner Bros. ‘Superman-Batman Movie’ Cast a Young Lex Luthor

‘Son Of Batman’ Featurette

Evangeline Lily to Join Marvel’s ANT-MAN

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Is Short. Really Short.


Man Accused Of Arson At Tampa Apartment Community

Pornhub Traffic Change During Super Bowl XLVIII

Journalist At Sochi Are Live-Tweeting Their Hilarious And Gross Hotel Experiences

George Zimmerman To Face DMX In ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match


The first band to play live performances on all 7 continents is Metallica.

“Bookkeeper” is unique in the sense that it is the only word in the English language with back to back to back double letters.

 If the world’s electricity were dependent on batteries only, all of them present today could only provide power for 10 minutes.

During the middle ages men would get their left testicle removed as they believed it was responsible for female babies.

A man was sucked into a jet engine, survived, and walked away.

A Dutch man at the age of 32 began a free “baby making” service and in 9 years time he has 82 children spread around the globe.

Funny Tweets


still waiting for a Discovery Channel “How It’s Made” episode on babies. otherwise i fear i’ll never figure it out


I took Valentines Day VERY seriously in elementary school. I was like, “She’s getting the small Hannah Montana sticker cuz i dont like her”


“Hey, wait…”- African children watching Gatorade getting dumped on a winning coach


My toilet just overflowed and it reminded me to dvr the sochi olympics


Oh girl them titties look like two loafs of uncooked bread dough slipping off a high shelf.


My heart is colder than the center of the last hot pocket you ate

This episode also features music from:

DMX – “Stop Being Greedy” Download it here!


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