The Curiosity Zone: Episode 28 – You Don’t Say That

This week, Ditz and Steve talk about the new Wingman app, how cell phones and tech have taken over the bedroom, groping on a plane, and so much more!!!

Listen to the episode here and follow along below!

Sexy News

Here’s An App For Having Sex at 30,000 Feet

Cell Phones Better Than Sex, Most Americans Say

Convicted Airline Sentenced to 8 Years

What you shouldn’t tell your wife ever…


I’m not so into vibrators; are there any other toys I can try out in the bedroom?

I’m pregnant and my husband doesn’t want to have sex. Am I wrong to expect it?

Before we got married, I noticed that my husband started to put on some weight. He says he can’t stand the way his body looks and that it’s just too much work for him to get aroused. Do you have any suggestions?

Are bumps on a man’s penis normal, or are they always something to worry about?

Sexy Story Time

A Secret Admirer


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