InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 73 – Muggles Not Apply

This week, our geeks get all excited about possibilities of other habitable planets recently discovered, the return of Robin to comics, the latest trailer and news about X-Men: Days of Future Past, possibilities of more comic characters joining The Walking Dead, why fanboys are jerks and much much more!

Listen to the episode here and follow along below!

Geek Shit

Kepler Team Announces Discovery of Earth-Sized Planet in Habitable Zone

BATMAN Gets A ROBIN in July’s Robin Rises: Omega

Check out the latest trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Will Feature X-Men: Days Of Future Past After Credit Scene!

The Walking Dead: 99% Chance Negan Will Appear

Why Fanboys Act Like Jerks


Teen Arrested For Tweeting Airlines Terror Threat

Hot Chick Of The Week

This weeks, HCOTW is another Canadian actress from a Marvel movie, Emily VanCamp. We have also seen her in Revenge, Everwood, Brothers & Sisters and most recently Captain America: The Winter Soldier.


To protect themselves from what is now known as STDs, the Ancient Egyptians used cobra skins molted to form condoms.

The female bedbug has no sexual opening. To get around this, the male uses his penis to DRILL A VAGINA into the female.

450 people die each year in the US from falling off of their beds.

Abercrombie & Fintch used to make thongs for seven year olds.

Funny Tweets


F is for friends who don’t talk to you. U is for Ur alone. N is for never having any plans at all, all you do is sit at home.


Sir, your resume is just an image of you photoshopped into a quidditch match. No need for an interview, welcome to the White House.


Hi, you’ve reached my voicemail. Send me a text like a normal person.


I have black friends struggling w/ the ‘N-Word” like it’s a pack of cigarettes. Chick just told me. I’m down to 3 times a day.”

This episode also features music from:

Bring Me The Horizon – “Shadow Moses” Download it here!

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