Son Of Batman DVD/Blu Ray review



Son Of Batman is the latest animated movie to come out of the DC Comics Universe. It brings to life a recent fan-favorite story line from the Batman comics which revolves around Bruce Wayne discovering he has a son he never knew and dealing with what that means to his nocturnal activities. This was a movie I was really looking forward to as I was a big fan of the comics this is based on. Writer Grant Morrison reintroduced Batman’s son, Damian to a new audience in the comics (he was a created way back in the 80’s and was never heard from again until Morrison brought him back). Now with this movie, Damian has been introduced to a whole new audience of Batman movie fans.


We meet this son of Batman as he is being trained by his mother , Talia and his grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul to fight alongside the infamous League Of Assasins (Al Ghul’s private ninja army). Yes, Batman slept with the enemy. In this case, literally and without any Bat-Protection. Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia are both villains with a long history of antagonizing the Batman in the DC Comics Universe.  Eventually, Damian is supposed to become the leader of the League. He has been groomed and trained to fight by the best assasins and fighters in the world since he was a toddler. Damian’s also a bit of a spoiled ninja brat. Soon, plans go very awry for  Damian and his ninja family and Talia decides to finally introduce Batman to his son. Talia entrusts Damian to Bruce to raise as his own. Of course, Damian isn’t the kind of kid who listens to orders very well and at first, Batman clashes with Damian (Damian also clashes with everyone else including Alfred and Dick Grayson/Nightwing) on how to deal with the criminal element of Gotham City. Damian was raised as a killer and inherited everything he could ever want in his world. Bruce was raised as an orphan and lost everything he could ever want in his world, his parents, and was brought up by his family’s butler and confidante, Alfred with a moral center and outlook on life that Damian never had. Bruce must deal with a kid he never knew he had while trying to keep his city safe. It makes for a good story. A fun story.

Even though Son Of Batman has a few problems, it is still a fun movie. The animation is solid and the voice cast does some great work. I liked the story a lot once I got over the differences from the comic books that the movie was based on. I was too used to what I had read the first time I watched Son Of Batman. Those comics that Grant Morrison wrote redefined who Batman and Robin were for readers and those are some pretty big boots to fill. The makers of Son Of Batman did a very good job of translating that work to the small screen. My main problem with the movie is how anime it looks. I am still hung up on the older style of animation when it comes to the DC Universe animated movies, but I got over it with Son Of Batman once the story got really moving. The action here is nonstop. There’s a fight scene almost every 5 minutes it seems. The cast of characters also help keep the story moving. Son Of Batman is also very well written. Damian’s interactions with the Bat-Family are very funny. He is written like the spoiled brat he was in the comics which is something that fans and readers will definitely appreciate. I smiled a few times as I watched this.  This one is worth the watch. Recommended.

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