InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 79 – Finger Lickin’ Date

This week our geeks babble about Miles Morales joining the X-Men, Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man, the new Daredevil casting, Google’s self driving cars, smart guns, Watch Dogs marketing gone wrong, why you don’t venture up 100 floors, high elfs on LSD and so much more.

Listen to the episode here and follow along with the guys below.

Geek Shit

Miles Morales Joins All New X-Men So Says Bendis

Wright’s Ant-Man Departure Reportedly Over Script Re-Writes

Marvel Netflix Cast Matt Murdock/Daredevil

Google’s Self Driving Car Has No Steering Wheel Or Brake

Smart Guns Betting Your Life On Your iPhone

Watch Dogs Promotion Goes Horribly Wrong, Brings Out The Bomb Squad

Willis Tower’s Glass Observation Deck Shatters, Terrifying Tourist

Woman’s Car Attacked By Self-Identified ‘High Elf’ Battling Evil


KFC sells chicken wrist corsages for prom.

KCF Corsage

Facebook’s new update on mobile phones will allow the website to listen to background noise and pick up the song or TV show is playing.

Cursing raises our pain tolerance by about 50%.

French Toast isn’t French, the inventor is Joseph French.

A woman trying to commit suicide from the Eiffel Tower, landed on a car and later married the person who owned the car.

Funny Tweet


The #Clippers are being purchased by the ex-head of Microsoft, so count on next year’s team being slow, error-prone and full of viruses.


Geez, you offer someone a sincere compliment on their mustache and suddenly she’s not your friend anymore.


Kim Kardashian’s dad was OJ Simpson’s lawyer.  She followed his footsteps of getting black dudes off.

funny tweet


All my past failures have helped shaped who I am today – a really big failure


I’ve never said “that’s what she said” because i’m not 14. Also, I don’t listen when women speak.

This weeks episode also features music from:

Alter Bridge – “Metalingus” Download it here!


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