InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 89 – Black Market Dildos

This week our geeks talk about 3D printed Iron Man Gauntlet, Spider-Man in the X-Men, a Supergirl television show, first look at The Vision in Age of Ultron, the new Batmobile, JJ Abrams tweeting about Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy and so much more!

Listen to the episode here and follow along below.

Geek Shit

3-D Printing Give 3 Year-Old Without A Hand a Working $50 Iron Man Gauntlet

Wolverine Is Dead, Long Live..Spider-Man?! He’s About To Join The X-Men

Berlanti Confirms “Supergirl” TV Series Reports

‘The Vision’ Assemble With The Avengers In New Ages Of Ultron Promo Art

See The Full Batmobile In New ‘Batman V Superman’ Set Pics


How J.J. Abrams Apple Watch Tweet Revealed New Star War Episode VII

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Gets Biggest Audience Ever For Final Season Premire


Sir Isaac Newton died a virgin

Gangs of powerfully built women mug tourist on the streets of Hong Kong

Under an obscure law in Texas, a woman was arrested for selling a dildo to two undercover officers posing as a married couple in 2004

Funny Tweets


Don’t wanna brag, but the gf can make her ass clap just by farting hard


“Potato chips, you cant eat just one” is referring to bags right?


This town just has country & christian radio. Find myself worried about my horse’s drinking problem but have faith God will take care of it.

This weeks episode also features music from:

Chevelle – “Jawbreaker” Download it here!


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