Prometheus: Fire And Stone #1

Prometheus Fire And Stone 1

Prometheus was a good movie. There, I said it. Prometheus was also an odd movie. It wasn’t really a prequel to the Alien movies. It kind of was a prequel to the Alien movies. The answer depends on who you ask about it or how much attention you paid to the movie. It also depends on whether you liked it or not. I’m a horror geek and a sci-fi nerd, so I actually really liked it. You put spaceships and monsters on the screen in front of me and I’m a happy guy. I didn’t take any of the story that seriously and I enjoyed it for what it was, a horror movie set in space with a connection to the Alien movies. Simple as that.

I figured I’d get that out of the way before we got into this review. I liked Prometheus. If you didn’t, maybe you should stop reading now as nothing in this comic book is going to change your mind about the movie.

Prometheus Fire And Stone 1 paul pope

Dark Horse Comics is doing something very interesting with their Aliens and Predator comic book franchises. (Dark Horse has been publishing Alien and Predator comics since 1988) They are connecting them to the Prometheus movie with a comic book event that acts as a sequel to the movie and a bridge between Prometheus and Prometheus 2 (who knows when the actual movie sequel will be released). The first part of this event is Prometheus: Fire And Stone and with this first issue we get the setup for the story. A salvage ship with a film crew on board is on it’s way from Earth to find out what happened to the Prometheus mission. We get to meet the crew of the ship and see a hint of what’s really going on. Things seem routine until they land at their destination. The last page left me on the edge of my seat with a smile on my face.

For a first issue, it gets the job done well as an introduction to the story and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. There are a few mysteries here and this issue sets it all up for the rest of the event. The writing leaves the reader intrigued as to what’s really going on with this mission and the art fits well with the setting. I don’t think I have heard of either the writer, Paul Tobin or the artist, Juan Ferreyra, before this series but they both did a great job here. Being a fan of Prometheus, I was curious to see what Dark Horse was going to do with this comic book event. It looks like it’s a story I am going to be following for the next few months. Recommended for fans of Prometheus/Alien/Predator.


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