Gotham – Pilot (TV Review)

by: Katie (@ovarianloop)


That’s enough to grab your attention right?

Good. That’s all it took to get my attention MONTHS ago when I stumbled upon the set for the show. I can’t tell you how amazing it was to be sitting at home watching the pilot and seeing the final cuts of what i saw being filmed. It’s also super amazing that my city is now, pretty much, Gotham City.

First, I wanna get my uber fangirl stuff out-of-the-way.

Ok. I’m done. Promise.

Gotham-Gordon-and-Bullock-850x560Lets start this review with some of the amazing cast this show has given us.

One of my favorites is Donal Logue, who plays Detective Harvey Bullock. You may know him from his sitcom Grounded for Life, or from his roles in The Patriot, Blade, Vikings, Sons of Anarchy, Copper, and one of my personal favorites, Terriers. He is a brilliant actor capable of comedy and intense serious roles. He did a great job with portraying Bullock. He really makes you believe the character.

We have Benjamin McKenzie as Detective Gordon. I only know Benjamin from his role on the tv show, The O.C., but he is no stranger to playing the role of a cop. He was the star of the show Southland, and actually did the voice for Batman in the 2011 Batman: Year One video. To me, he really does look like a young Gary Oldman.

Those are my two favorites in the show so far.

The real diamonds of this series are the villains, or the people who will become villains. They are all being called “easter eggs” but all but one are really hidden. We have The Penguin, Celina Kyle (Catwoman), Ivy Pepper, and The Riddler. We got a brief glimpse into their lives. I’m absolutely smitten with little Ivy Pepper. All seem to have been cast very well and I am very impressed with their placements in the show so far.the-gotham-tv-show-6

The biggest easter egg I found was The Joker. Or at least, what everyone is assuming is The Joker. Remember that poor stand up comedian that was trying out a few (not funny) bits in front of Fish Mooney? Yup. That guy. He is only listed as “comedian” but its a big reference to how The Joker originally got his start.

There was a lot of symbolism with young Bruce Wayne. Just about every time you see him, there is a reference to him being the future Batman, even down to the placement of his parents bodies in the alley.

Little by little we will start to see all of these characters develop more, as the shows main focus is Detective Gordon. I’m hoping to continue to see how the young future villains play out in the series.

All in all I think this show nailed Gotham. It had all the elements and atmosphere we would expect from the city. It was dark and gloomy and there was definitely a looming fear all around. We even had gargoyles!

It may not seem like we were given a whole lot in the pilot, but there was definitely a lot going on, without straying from the main plot.

I’m extremely pleased with the show and it can only get better as the season continues. Gotham has been given 16 episodes for its first season. Judging from what has been floating around on the web, the show will “examine the Penguin’s rise to power after he is cast out of Gotham….and marked for death by Mooney and Falcone”

We will be seeing a lot of amazing things in weeks to come. I hope everyone enjoyed the premier as much as I did. What did you think about Gotham? What would you like to see in this first season?


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