American Horror Story: Freak Show – “Monsters Among Us” – TV Review

american-horror-story-freak-show-posterby: Steve (@misterjackal)

Last night was the first episode of what could possibly be the creepiest seasons of American Horror Story yet. I’ve been a big fan since the first season and was excited once I knew that the show was going to be tackling on of the most gag and fear inducing places for lots of people, the freak show.

A lot of the cast from previous seasons have returned as part of this gang of traveling misfits. Jessica Lang is back as the head or owner, Elsa Mars, of the show and she seems to be willing to anything to make herself and her show the best thing out. Sarah Paulson returns in a duel role as a the two-headed woman, Bette and Dot Tattler. Kudos to the effects team on making her seem so natural and realistic. Evan Peter is the pretty boy with webbed fingers, Jimmy Darling, similar to The Penguin in Tim Burton’s Batman but not real (yuck). Then we have Kathy Bates returning this time as the bearded lady, Ethel Darling, and she is the motherly figure trying to nourish and keep everyone show ready. We also get some real oddities in the show like the smallest woman in the world and the man with t-rex arms, all of which bring a lot to the first episode.

Twisty The ClownLike the previous seasons, we need a big baddy. The first season we had the leather guy in the leather suit along with ghosts and a house hell bent on killing everyone. The second season we got a deranged doctor, aliens, the angel of death, human experiments gone wrong, all in a mental institution. The third we were met witches with different supernatural powers in a battle weird race battle. This season so far we get (in my opinion) one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen on television since Stephen King’s It, a homicidal clown! You can say good bye to sleep, hello to nightmares. He is a roaming, heavy breathing clown with a bloody mask and is the type of guy you don’t want to run into in an alley at night, EVER! Just thinking about him gives me goosebumps. Eeeek!

As far as plot, we can see that this Freak Show isn’t making much money and they are struggling to keep it open so they recruit the two-headed woman to build a bigger audience. Also, they are tired of being ridiculed and treated like second class citizens, so they will do anything to achieve equality, even kill! Dun dun dun! All while there is a clown on the loose killing and kidnapping as he pleases.

I’m excited to see where this season goes but not too excited for the lack of sleep that will follow after every episode. I’m also excited to see what other characters will be introduced and what type of twist and turns will come about this season. Did you watch the premiere episode?

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