InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 96.1 – Central Park Cosplay Day w/ Eli Sanabria

This is part one of our conversations with two of the amazing people behind Central Park Cosplay. In this one, Rene speaks to photographer, Eli Sanabria, about his beginnings and how he got into cosplay photography!

Listen to the episode here!

Find out more about Central Park Cosplay and Eli click on the links below!

Central Park Cosplay Day:

Eli Sanabria:

Geeked Photos:

1 Comment

  1. Eli is not a reliable photographer. my friends and i purchased a photoshoot at a convention back in february and were promised (after purchasing) a complete set of edited photos. W grave attempted to contact him many times once choosing which shot we liked most (as promised) and he has barely responded or when he did respond it wasn’t helpful. I am posting this as warning to anyone who plans on purchasing a shoot from him because he may not deliver and it is unacceptable. He can’t even explain to us why he hasn’t delivered.

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