InnerCityGeeks Podcast: Episode 101 – Pimp Your Pitch

This week our geeks talk about  the news of CW’s Arrow/Flash mash-up, another tweet from Zack Snyder teasing Aquaman, the latest Age of Ultron poster, how Batman punch someone to death, why you shouldn’t “Pimp Your Ride” and so much more.

Follow along below with the show below and listen to the episode here!

Geek Shit

Arrow/Flash Superhero Team-Up Spin In Works At CW

Zack Snyder Reveals Jason Mamoa As Aquaman


Ripley Confirmed to Return For Neil Blomkamp’s Alien

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Poster Crams In 10 Characters


“Uppercut From Batman” Called Cause Of Death For A Fla. Man

Here’s What Really Happened To The Cars From “Pimp My Ride”


Scrooge McDuck had a comic book before the Ducktales cartoon was made, and Ducktales is based off it.

Left-handed people process things faster than righties while playing computer games or sports.

There is a small town in Ohio, spanning no more than 3 blocks, that grossed nearly $400,000 annually from speeding tickets.

Funny Tweets


Back in my day, I used to have to walk 4 miles to the nearest store. Because I had too many DUIs.


If you go on SNL40 and the only person who praises your performance is Bill Cosby, it may be time to rethink a couple of things.


Fingerblasting. What I did to my NES controller before I had turbo.

This episode also features music from:

Xzibit – “X” Download here!

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