#GeekApproved Presents: The “Yes!”movement has spoken… Universal Team Hell No!!!

daniel__bryan_yes_To all my fellow geeks,brothers and ICGPW Slamcast listeners/followers,

I just wanted to take time out and be serious for a moment and I want to share my thoughts on the the unfortunate early retirement of Bryan Danielson or “Daniel Bryan” as he is known in WWE.

The first time that I noticed Daniel Bryan was on Monday Night Raw on June 7th 2010 when he choked out then ring announcer Justin Roberts. WWE didn’t like that very much as they fired him right after. Being a fan of his immediately after that I thought to myself “I hope that was a work!” Whether or not it was or wasn’t will still remain unclear(I believe it was real,however I lean more toward work since he had ROH dates to fill at the time). After he was rehired by WWE (Or brought back after the ROH dates were fulfilled) I was happy to see him and was hoping they gave him a push! My favorite Daniel Bryan moments will forever be as follows:

  1. The start of the Yes! movement…. The Yes! movement became as powerful as The What? movement that Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin started a decade earlier(At least in my eyes.). This became so powerful that they were chanting YES! YES! YES! at all kinds of sporting events outside of wrestling. Even during Soccer games they were chanting Si! Si! Si!  Daniel Bryan made such an impact that they chanted in Spanish!
  2. The Kane and Daniel Bryan Tag Team…  So in 2012 WWE Superstar Kane and Daniel Bryan formed a tag team known as Team Hell No. This has to be one of my top five tag teams of all time in WWE. I haven’t liked a team this much since Rated RKO which consisted of my other favorited early retired WWE Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland (Who is responsible for my love for the band Alter Bridge.. but that’s irrelevant.) and Randy Orton. Team Hell No was great! Though they only held the Tag Titles only 1 time… It holds the record for a 245 day long Tag Team championship reign! They were still fun to watch! The Therapy session vignettes alone were great!
  3. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! turns to NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!… When Daniel Bryan turned heel it was great! He turned the YES! movement into the NO! moment. This was done so well that the fans of Team Hell No! were chanting “Hug it out!”. Daniel Bryan even has “Yes!” shirts turned into “No!” shirts and as much as the “No!” got over with the fans… In our hearts we were chanting “Yes!”                                   I can keep going,however the continuous thoughts that he can no longer wrestle for WWE saddens me. Daniel Bryan the WWE Superstar will always be a champion in my eyes, and as for Bryan Danielson… an inspiration! He proved that no matter what you go through in life,whether it be a great loss or finding the love of ones life.. You can achieve your goals! Life is a series of journeys.. although some are more challenging than others,it is possible to succeed and achieve all the greatness you desire! So with that being said #ThankYouDanielBryan as you sir are indeed a Hall of Famer .. not just in my eyes but the eyes of a universe! – Brian McManus 3rd chair to the ICGPW Slamcast-

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