#GeekApproved Presents: Attention Sharting may cause Long inspiration!

They say everything has a reason for happening the way it does,and I’ve been a true believer of that my entire life. I’ve always been a lover of all things toy related. When I was asked by the pod father (and my brother) himself to join the Inner City Geeks and do YouTube reviews, I wasn’t only honored but a world of mixed emotions that followed. “How do I go about this?” I kept asking myself. I had no idea on how to do this.
One day when I was home I put YouTube on and googled a figure review. I had watched toy review videos before but not religiously and definitely not as homework. I remembered two figure reviewers by their names. They were Sean Long and Shartimus Prime. I thought these guys had a ton of energy and I was hooked. These guys were pioneers to the industry! These guys showed you from a real perspective on whether or not something wasn’t worth buying. I knew from there that that’s how I wanted to be, however without copying them completely.

Midway through the first introduction I nearly quit. I couldn’t imagine how to continue. I then thought to myself “I’m sure they thought exactly the same thing in the beginning!” I’ve been reviewing toys now with both #geekapproved and with Yay Toys! now for almost two years on and off. If it weren’t for these guys being pioneers of the industry I wouldn’t be reviewing and sharing my pain, my passion, my energy, my blood, sweat and tears with all of you. There’s a lot more reasons on why I do it too and a big reason is that the love of my life supports me and when I had given up she pushed me the right way and gave me the drive I needed to continue.
In 2015 I got to meet the first of the two pioneers that inspired me to do what I love doing. I got to meet Sean Long in Midtown Comics Times Square! Sean couldn’t have been any nicer! This was like meeting one of my heroes! We even hung out that night with friends and had a blast!
Today I got an unexpected notification that the second of my two heroes was headed to Midtown Comics Times Square and immediately it was a flashback to an awesome night! I got to meet Shartimus Prime today! This dude was not only super awesome but humble, friendly, respectful and a ton of other nice words! We ended up hanging out in the store for about 4 hours lol. Within that time I got to meet a ton of really cool fans just like me.
The moral of this story is… Don’t give up! If you have a passion, Do it! Go for it! Be inspired! If it weren’t for the Inner City Geeks then I’d of never tried. If it weren’t for pioneers such as Sean and Shartimus Prime I’d of never went for it. If it weren’t for my girlfriend I’d of stopped doing what I love. Keep at it and don’t let the fear of “What if it’s not liked?” Or “What if I do this and people don’t watch it?”. I’m pretty sure these guys had the same fear thoughts when they began. I know I did for sure!
One last thing… So tonight’s meet and greet also had unexpected giveaways to the fans. I got a Star Wars Resistance Trooper courtesy of not only Shartimus but it’s from Jay C on YouTube who’s channel is http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5sGzT6JyMz6ZEglPS8Im3Q and his awesome website http://Toynewsi.com
I frequent his channel as well as his website and I think you should too! If you are an amateur reviewer and you want to see what we do,start with the two that I did! For Shartimus Prime he’s on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/ShartimusPrime
his Twitter is http://twitter.com/ShartimusPrime Instagram is http://Instagram.com/Shartimusprimepics/  For Sean Long it’s http://twitter.com/seanxlong for Twitter and Instagram it’s http://www.instagram.com/seanxlong/
If you wanna see some of my stuff as well follow my on Twitter http://Twitter.com/Bri_2J or on Instagram at http://Instagram.com/bri_2j My YouTube channel for Yay Toys! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtIdf8dsAkvBdTyQ7KSQ-DQ
If you’re a fan of Midtown Comics they’re on Twitter http://Twitter.com/midtowncomics and Instagram at http://Instagram.com/midtowncomics
Remember… Follow your dream.. Because one day that dream can be a reality!

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