#GeekApproved Presents: Age of the Geek… Articulated Comic Book Fun Causes Collectors To Yell Out “Yay Toys!”

Geek and proud!
As far back as I can remember I’ve been an action figure collector. Something about the smell of the plastic, the packaging, the way I just had to have the whole series. There were things about it that I just could not describe. I recall going to many a toy store looking to hope to complete or at least add a part to a wave. I’ve been a collector for many years. It’s just something I enjoy doing! The fact that not only do I collect, but that I get to share my work as an action figure reviewer on YouTube is something that is just fun to do. When I look at my iconic heroes Shartimus Prime and Sean Long, I see the fun they have with it. Shartimus told me that he’ll pose a figure while watching a movie and that’s something that I’ve always done even to this very day!
Being a toy reviewer is tough and I’ll admit it. The multiple takes alone, the editing those are the hardest parts. Regardless of that,I have fun. If you read my last article,
Then you saw that not only was I honored, but there was fear. Getting over that fear is tough. You need to build a confidence in yourself. Once that you have it then it’s on to the style you want. For Sean it’s parodies of certain things. For Shartimus Prime it’s the stop motion big time let down animation. These are of course side projects for them, but their reviews are full of energy. For me I like to have fun. Sometimes I’ll write a script on what I’m going to say, however I go on tangents and sometimes screw up an entire portion of a review which leads me to having to record an entire section again. So I advise against tangents because the more you screw up,the less battery life you may have…
Action figure culture is growing more and more popular. From companies such as Hasbro, MacFarlane toys, Toy Biz and incredible sculpters such as Gentle Giant Studios for example have paved the way into that culture. They showed us that collecting action figures aren’t for kids anymore! I remember seeing a Mr. Freeze action figure in Toys R Us about fifteen years ago and the packaging said “Adult Collector”. It was from that moment when I realized I wasn’t the only adult collecting these sculpted beautiful pieces of articulated art.
A few years after I discovered Sean and Shartimus, I noticed this group called the Articulated Comic Book Art which is better known as the A.C.B.A., and you should see what they’re capable of! These guys are masters of their craft as they’ll take action figures and recreate scenes of iconic cartoon, videogame, comic book moments or even their own scene and create these beautiful images. You should give these guys a look to see for yourselves!

The moral of this story is… If you’re a geek,a nerd and if people make fun of you for it, don’t be ashamed, feel honored! There are millions of people out there just like you! I’m one of them! The comic book culture is taking the world by storm. Just look at the current box office records! Look at your local pharmacies as toy companies release certain exclusives to places such as Walgreens. Back in the day when Marvel and D.C. started I’m sure they didn’t expect that. They just wanted to create comics and comic book heroes that would bring out the best in its readers. So if you see a certain figure you like, go ahead and buy it, open it up, play around with it, put it in some dynamic poses and have fun! After all, it is the age of the geek and the geek shall inherit the Earth!

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