#GeekApproved Presents:(XManny)87 reasons to scream “Yay Toys!”

Hey everyone,

I wanted to just share a small something tonight with you guys if that’s ok… So a just over a week ago when I got to meet Shartimus Prime, I also made a good friend in fellow geek XManny87. Shartimus and him go back a bit as they were social media pals for a while yet they hadn’t met in person yet since we are all in different states.It didn’t matter as the love for action figure collecting bonds geeks faster then Loctite or even Krazy Glue! As the week went on we really connected because he reminds me of me in a way. He has this certain ray of light that shines brightly when it comes to action figure collecting. See where I am a Youtube reviewer,He does something different. Something that I wish I had the skill,the timing and the patience to do! He takes incredible articulated photographs and if you check out his Instagram ,You’ll get an idea about what I am talking about. 

When I posted the latest Nerd Notation Presents: on Facebook, It was not only dedicated to my best girl (To quote Captain America), The Inner City Geeks family in which took me in 2013 when I was feeling at my lowest and of course my heroes turned great friends Shartimus Prime and Sean Long, It was dedicated to XManny87 as I think he would make an excellent Youtube action figure reviewer! So with that being said, Please look a a few sample pics from his collection and follow this dude on his Instagram. He has some hellasick skills so enjoy! ~Bri_2J~

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