#GeekApproved Presents: Dear Mr. Every man

This is a letter to say adios and goodbye,
So kiss my ass and reach for the sky.
Goodbye to those fears of madness,
And to those tears of sadness,
Because you have brought nothing in my life but heartache and pain which is enough to drive a Mr. Every man crazy and insane!
I’m tired of all this suffering,
Why is my life feel like it’s always stuck on buffering?……..
You’ve been a pain in my ass,
However you brought something with you, a newly driven go get em’ nitro infused gas!
So this is the new letter to the every man, in which say hello except it your life is no longer mellow yellow. With that being said stop the moping and and start all of the hoping.
Hello to the new positive me,
who’s kicked aside all the negativity!
This is the me that’s not going to be stuck as others move on, that me is long gone!
I’m back and better than I was before,you better believe it,because if you don’t… Come at me bro, I’ll be outside your front door!
This is the me that’s going to succeed,
This is the me who’s going to take charge,take the lead! So dear Mr. Every man I wish you the best because if you live your life in fear of failure you won’t reach success!

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