Good Games Podcast: Episode 95 – Puzzling Tells

Good Games Podcast

This week, Frank and Alex solve puzzles, loot dungeons, and avoid death by bullets. They also discuss the upcoming Gears of War 4 release date, Sony making it up to fans for the poor server stability of MLB The Show 16, more Punch-Out!! secrets being revealed, David Hayter reprising the role of Solid Snake… to sell cars(?), and much more!

Listen to the episode and follow along below:

What We’ve Been Playing

Broken Age

Looty Dungeon



Gears of War 4 Comes Out on October 11

MLB The Show 16 dev apologizes for online issues, offers free items in return

New Punch-Out!! Tell Comes To Light 29 Years Later

Ford’s using Metal Gear Solid, and Snake’s original voice actor, to advertise its cars


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This week’s episode features music from Ikaruga
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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