#GeekApproved Presents: Attitude Era made the 9th wonder so vital, She is once again sharing the I.C. title

Ok so while uploading and editing some video tonight I saw a post that I believed untrue at first… This post was about the passing of Chyna from the WWF/E. For those of you that were around in my era you’d know that Chyna was someone you didn’t wanna mess with! Joanie “Chyna” Laurer was a legend in a sense in the WWF/E during the “Attitude Era”. From sharing the Intercontinental Championship with the late Eddie Guerrero, to stints beforehand with DX, and even that part in Jericho’s book where he talks about how she wasn’t supposed to break the Spanish announce table during her match…

Chyna was a female body builder and later became known for her stint in the adult film industry and later her roles on reality television usually involving rehab for her drug addiction.  Her death is just one of many tragedies that involve pro wrestling and drugs. Wherever she is now, I just hope she finally found her peace. So with this being said…. Goodbye 9th wonder.. You will always be a legend in our hearts…

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