#GeekApproved Presents: Tonight the world listens in sadness and knows what it is like “When Doves Cry”

The world of music lost a legend today and I wrote this to try to cope….

Tonight we lost a musical icon and a legend.
Tonight we say goodbye,
Tonight we officially know what it is like “When doves cry”
When we all heard you left this world, We thought it was just tabloid dirt.
When we found out it wasn’t,The entire world felt hurt.
I write this poem with tears streaming down, Just like every other fan… my face is officially hit by the big frown.
You left a legacy that no one can ever top,
Regardless who tries, you’ll always win and they’ll always flop.
You showed us “Let’s go crazy” and on “Family Ties” that was their wedding song, You had a tremendous legacy and tonight we say “So long…”
I can’t quite comprehend on why you were taken, Forever a fan and you’ll never ever be forsaken. This poem is getting really hard to write,and tears that are flowing while writing are causing hinder to my sight. So I’ll guess I will end this poem on one final note…. “Dearly beloved, We will forever cherish your legacy and the legendary songs that you wrote.”
~ For Prince Rogers Nelson ~


*  Editors note – To Anthony, I hope you find solace and may this poem comfort you in your time of need. That 4:30 mark still gets me… *

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