#GeekApproved Presents: Civil War? No we like all kinds of metal \m/

Trying something new here…

So A few weeks ago I along with my bro in metal and hetero life mate  “Not so silent” Shnozz CalaCena got to see Behemoth at Webster Hall perform the entire album of “The Satanist” along with a few other tracks for their encores on April 23rd. These guys were amazing live! I mean from the costumes to the energy it was just 100% amazing to experience. They stole the energy from the entire audience that night! Probably my favorite highlight of that evening was when the drummer shared his drum kit with another drummer toward the ending of the track “In the absence ov light”. This was an amazing concert for those who are into black metal. Behemoth are on my top five bands to listen to when in the mood for heavy stuff! 

In other music news, Mark Tremonti released his latest album titled “Dust” on April 29th. Mark has really been an tremendous solo artist aside from his amazing repackaged band called “Alter Bridge” which happened in 2004 after the demise of “Creed”.Mark wrote and recorded Dust along with his second album released last year which was called “Cauterize” . He claims that Dust is not a “B Side” to Cauterize and I highly agree. This album is actually better and that is hard for me to say as Cauterize is an incredible album! From the music to the lyrics it is highly recommended by this Inner City Geek!

As for movies, Captain America Civil War was released on May 6th and I got to see it last week. This should have been called Captain America The Winter Solider Extended Edition or Captain America Presents: The Avengers 2.5! Everything about this movie was amazing and I highly recommend seeing it!! Spiderman and Black Panther were great! Tom Holland is my new favorite Spidey because he is so comic accurate!!!! Chadwick Boseman nailed T’Challa and I really cannot wait to see his solo Black Panther film!! As for Spidey, I know Homecoming is going to be what the fans of Spiderman have been waiting for since Spiderman 2 ended over a decade ago! The chemistry between Stark and Rhodes and the chemistry between C.A.,W.S. and Falcon was epic!!! Stan Lee has my favorite cameo to date,Jeremy Renner was really awesome as Clint and I hope for future post avengers Clint stories, Paul Rudd was……. well…. himself. GO SEE IT!!!!!!!

Well that is all for the geek as he has now played Dust multiple times,Is currently listening to Behemoth, and has seen Civil War 3 times as of this writing! Be geek and proud and always believe in yourself!



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