#GeekApproved Presents: A poem about us!

Our website in a nutshell

The original InnerCityGeeks podcast started from an idea which spawned out of nowhere like an RKO. All they wanted was for you to listen to their show!
They recorded show after show and started a trend. They loved doing it and never wanted each episode to come to an end.
The ICG crew looked and sought for more, they didn’t want this trend to come off as a bore.
They recruited a new member in Bri_2J, who was a striking young lad looking to save the day! They said to him “We want you to review and record videos about toys,which as you know geeks come in all shapes and sizes and are both girls and boys!”

He said to them “Yes!” But thought to himself “Ugh the stress now how do I get started?” After struggling at first and nearly quitting he said to himself “I give up!” And was downhearted. After taking a breath and finding his way,#GeekApproved was born and the crew yelled out “Yay!”
At the same time he was reviewing toys for all the geek girls and boys, Two crew members sparked an idea which would give all the gamers out there a bunch of joys!
Good Games was born and are now reaching episode 100! With a huge congrats to them,we cheer you on! “What was that noise?” You ask? No it’s not Solid Snake.. It’s just your ICG family blowing the congratulatory horn and we come with a cake!
After a few years of recording and reviewing toys,Bri_2J felt burnt out and took a break,little did he realize that it was a mistake. He missed it royally and didn’t know what to do, So he sought advice from his best gal and she said “Don’t quit as for geeks out there,your videos are a hit!”
So Bri_2j continued to record but needed something new to share, so he repackaged his channel complete with tender love and care! He yelled out “Yay Toys!” as he couldn’t let down all the geek girls and boys.He wanted something else that he could do for the site,as toys weren’t enough and he was full of a creative spark or better yet… a bright light full of strong geek might!
So he started writing nerd notes or articles if you will, something fun but therapeutic as he didn’t want his spark to come to a halt or stand still.
He later made a friend who takes pics of posed plastic which highly belonged on the site,His name is XManny87 and seriously bro those pics are fantastic!
Now how could I not mention the rest of the team as if it weren’t for them there’d be no living the dream! The site of course has a lot more to look at,for example there’s something for your ear holes which dammit Charley lol haha, Please listen to some 80s tunes,preferably AHA! Now there’s also Comic con Sabor which Mario your host screams out Yeahhhhhhhhhhh Buddddddddddddy! He also has Anime World and when it comes to his knowledge he needs no study!
Of course I’d save the best for last…
I was asked to join wrestler and not Daredevil to be part of something great and new, They asked me to join them on the ICGPW Slamcast in which I screamed “Yahoo!” So the Slamcast is hosted by Khalik, Alex and yours truly Bri_2J in which I’m the 3rd man,
We watch wrestling and cheer when our favorite wrestlers lay their opponents down for the 3 second tan. I love being a geek and that’s ok!
So our team consists of Steve,Alex and Alex,Frank,Charley,Khalik,Mario and Katie and our honorary friend Manny.
We’re just basically the X-men and equally uncanny!
So this poem is over and that’s ok,
We’re the Inner City Geeks and we’re here to stay!

For my ICG family as if it weren’t for you guys I’d not of  known how creative I can be!


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