InnerCityGeeks: Season 2 Finale

by: Alex F. (@DiNYed) & Steve (@MisterJackal)

Hey Everyone,

Since the start of the InnerCityGeeks we have shown you a lot of amazing stuff, For example over the last few years we’ve given you The InnerCityGeeks Podcast starring all of us, Something for your earholes starring Charlie R., The “Good Games Podcast by Frank and Alex N.” , The ICGPW Slamcast starring Khalik,Alex F. and myself (Which I promise WILL return as soon as possible and You have our guarantee on that!) You’ve seen #GeekApproved turn into #ToyTuesday fun with “Yay Toys!” over the last 25 weeks. For the last 9 weeks you’ve seen something new every Sunday (Comics con Sabor),Monday (Manga Time) and Wednesday (Anime World) with Mario keeping you entertained, You’ve seen amazing pics by our newest member Manny who continues to blow our minds with amazing posed plastic photography. I want to reintroduce to you guys something that has been a dormant project for a while and for that we apologize. When talking with the ICG family, We discovered something that never went up. This is the season finale of the InnerCityGeeks web comic. This was done quite some time ago, Long before I joined this outstanding group of people who took me in as one of their own. This was created by Alex F. and Steven S. This comic series is amazing and I love this finale! With that being said I give you the long awaited season 2 finale of the InnerCityGeeks web comic! Enjoy  ~Bri_2J~13647029_10154983979633272_1084417402_o.jpg



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