Good Games Podcast: Episode 112 – Space Truckin’

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This week, Alex and Khalik spend some proper time with one of gaming’s most anticipated titles, No Man’s Sky.

They also discuss Doctor Who, impressions on the Steam Controller, Khalik’s introduction to the Telltale games via The Wolf Among Us, the absurdity of Nerial’s mobile game, Reigns, adventures in the Euclid galaxy, plus hotly anticipated updates to Overwatch, another high-profile release delay, a peek at some of the single-player content for Titanfall 2, more info on Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, potential improvements to Street Fighter V’s fight money situation, and lots more!

Full show notes can be found following the link below.

What We’ve Been Playing

The Wolf Among Us


No Man’s Sky


Overwatch servers are about to get faster on PC

Final Fantasy XV Officially Delayed To November 29

Titanfall 2: First single-player campaign details

Destiny: Rise of Iron’s PS4-exclusive content detailed

Destiny getting private matches with Rise of Iron

Capcom Announces Ragequit Penalization, Double Fight Money Weekends, Daily Challenges and Much More in Upcoming Street Fighter V Updates



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This week’s episode features music from No Man’s Sky
The intro song is from Street Fighter X Tekken

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