#Geek Approved Presents: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Cover by Shartimus Prime

Hey everyone,

Were you as big of a fan as I was as the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers theme song?? If you were I would like for you to check out this incredible cover to the song. My friend Shartimus Prime impresses all of his fans with this epic drum addition to this classic theme song! Enjoy! ~Bri_2J~

You can follow him here for more Shartimus Prime Action Figure Reviews:

Russology Vlogs http://youtube.com/user/shartimuswank
ShartimusPrime Action Figure Reviews http://youtube.com/user/shartimusprime


  1. Haha that was awesome! What did you guys think of the new posters they just revealed? Also, would you also be interested in sharing your geek content with our fans on moviepilot.com? Loving all that you’re posting on this blog.

    1. Thanks for all the support!!! Yes just let me know what the next step is and what we need to do to share our content. As for the MMPR posters I think they are pretty sweet looking! Cannot wait to see the teaser trailer! ~Brian~

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